Google AdSense

As part of working for PTR Systems Limited, I am in the process of writing an App, where the client wishes the app to be funded using Advertisements.

As the App I’m writing will be cross platform (hoping all, but currently iOS and Android only), I decided a Cordova based app would be the way forward, and therefore did not want to use Apple’s iAd services, as I cannot use that on Android, yet I can use Google AdMob on IOS.

So, I decided to rig up Google AdMob to my new App, and at the same time rig up Google AdSense to this site.

Wow! Is all I can say! Google AdSense is easy to set up on the Google side of things, then to rig up the WordPress side of things, simply install the plug-in, connect your account, choose the location of your Ads and away we go!

One response to “Google AdSense”

  1. Well, I have to say the Ads can be a bit intrusive, so I am playing with the settings to make the Ads a bit more bearable and changing the location, which ultimately, changes the type too! I’ll keep you posted!

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