And we’re not talking about the food! But Tools for Apache Cordova.

I love Visual Studio 2015, and I’ve always used it for development in ASP.NET (C#), but I’ve made Apps for iOS in Xcode previously and used the likes of Brackets and Visual Studio Code on my Mac to write Cordova Apps.

So I decided to actually write it on Windows! Seems a bit weird to write something for Apple on Windows, but it’s more of a Cross-platform thing! Now as I’ve only ever previously written for Apple and only just recently converted an existing Cordova App geared for iOS and utilising a plugin written for iOS to Android, including re-writting the custom plugin in Java, which again I used to hate, but amazing once you start actually really using a language you start to like features, and I have to say that of Android. The more and more I use it, the more I like it, but you will still never move me away from my iPhone!! read more