iCloud KeyChain and Wi-Fi Passwords!

Well this is one that’s been driving me mad for ages! Here’s the scenario:

I want to visit my workplace with my MacBook Pro and obviously bring my iPhone with me to communicate with the outside world, as I’m behind a Proxy / Filter on the Wi-Fi, and as I’ve just got Three with Unlimited 4G so I’d prefer to use 4G on my iPhone and Wi-Fi on my MacBook, seems simple enough.

So, every time I go to work, I have to turn off my Wi-Fi on my phone, otherwise I don’t get any notifications. So I decided, I’m fed up with that, so I’ll just Forget the network on my iPhone.

Then, I noticed my MacBook wasn’t connected to the Wi-Fi! Strange, so I join it back on, having to put the password in, and low and behold, my Phone reconnects to Wi-Fi! Aaaarrrgh!

On the one hand, the iCloud KeyChain is AWESOME! But it would be really nice if you could decide which networks you wanted to be specific on each device, but it seems you cannot do this, yet?!

So, here’s a temporary solution, it does mean you get the occasionally “Enter Wi-Fi Password” dialog pop up on your phone, but once you’ve Dismissed it, it doesn’t show up frequently enough to annoy you!

So, Forget the Wi-Fi network on your iPhone. This will eventually filter through to remove it off your MacBook too. Now, rejoin your MacBook to the Wi-Fi, and then open KeyChain Access (Using Cmd+Space and typing k, is the quickest way!).

In the Keychain Access use the Search (at the top right) to find the name of the WAP that you connect to, and you’ll see there will be 2 entries. One is in the iCloud keychain, and one is in the System keychain. Simply delete the iCloud entry!

Now on your iPhone, turn off Wi-Fi, turn it back on again, and this time it won’t connect to the WAP, but may present you with the “Enter Wi-Fi Password”. Simply dismiss it and Tada!!

I don’t know how many other people suffer this tiny annoyance, but at least this is a temporary fix until there’s some sort of way of restricting info being transferred between your iCloud devices!

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